Here is a list of what we offer in this Nonprofit Youth Organization: ( As Of: 11/14/2020, 12:15 PM)
Once all children sign up to be Young Talented Stars, then we work with them on their vocal and instrumental dreams and practice with them on that talent. This is a after school-And when school is out 365 days a year nonprofit youth music organization. We offer this program for ages 5-18 years of age.  Once their 18 they have a choice of being a volunteer or music instructor.  This program helps them feel like a star and allows them to show their talent for free in front of many people.  The goal is to make it as realistic as possible and allow them to do what they love with music.  
Due to the COVID-19, we are working with the children by one of 2 things.  We will travel to their houses and we bring the equipment and materials to help them, or we can offer the program online.
What We Offer: 
  1. Mentor-ship.
  2. Guidance.
  3. Instruction.
  4. Leadership.
  5. Hands On Realistic Music Industry Studio Equipment And Work.
  6. Hands on learning and work with lighting, sound, video, music writing, and more.
  7. We will travel to the child's home or we can do online.
  8. I am offering Violin or Keyboard lessons. We bring the instruments to help them practice or they can use their own if they have them.
  9. We offer vocal practice and performance.  We will bring all vocal equipment to you to help them with vocal.
  10. We create all Young Stars member pages on our site on: "Our Stars" page.
  11. We with permission with the parents can record their video performances and place them on their member profile page.
  12. We offer Homework help before performances to help them with their school education.
  13. We offer help to create the event shows outside or for events to show their talents.
  14. We help them get viewers to watch their performances.
  15. Each talent we offer 1 hour long to help them and guide them to their dreams.
We offer much more, ask about other ways we help.  All services are free at no cost to anyone.  This is a free non-profit youth after school music organization center to help them with music, and help them with their talents. We want to pay it forward and help the younger generation in every way possible and help the communities and their families.  It's a music after school program and program that offers music where all young stars can come together and enjoy their talents together. If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information and we will be glad and happy to help you learn more.