#1 Amelia S. "Irish Millie" (Young Star)

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

***[ We: Sponsor And Support Her, And She Teaches Deryk Violin]***

Member Since: May 2020

Member #: 96245

Age: 13

Hometown: Peterborough, Ontario CANADA

Talent: Fiddler

Her Website:

Her Bio: Top-o-the-mornin! I'm a 13 year old fiddle player from Ptbo Ontario.

Although I love all fiddle music, I am passionate about the Cape Breton style. It is fast-paced, fun, and always challenging. I listen to what I love and that's how I've learned to play. I also love to write my own music! I play with my family and a band called The Fiddle Styx. We do several fundraising concerts every year. I also play at weddings, parties, pubs and jam with other bands. My stage name is Irish Millie! I hope you enjoy my music!

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