(Central New York State Organization)

I am Deryk Burdick, Founder And CEO.


My Talents Include:

  • Vocal

  • Piano

  • Violin

I'm Teaching and Guiding young talented artists all over the New York State. This is a nonprofit organization to Guide, Mentor, Instruct and help young artist 5-18 grow their talent of instrumental and singing into a brighter future. Young artists are: Guided, and helped with live videos, music instruction, instrumental instruction, vocal instruction, lighting instruction, sound instruction, video instruction, and everything in the music studio stage related hands on learning and guidance. talents shared all over online and in person, all young artists I will help mentor, I will help them get into concerts and or shows, help them with recording, and much more. Feel free to contact me for more information. I am also looking for volunteers with this new organization that I created. I am also looking for private donors for funding for this organization as well as donations. Not to many organizations are offering to help young artists in large groups right now, But I see a need I can do so much more for all young stars and I know I can be their advocate no matter what. I am more than just a school bus driver, I am a helper for these kids and willing to do what it takes to help them to a brighter future.


Me: I am Deryk Burdick am Artist and school bus driver, I'm all about going above and beyond for the kids to be there for them in anyway I can to see them with even a brighter future. I just don't drive school bus, I serve the kids to be there for them.


Auburn, NY

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(315) 370-9996

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Schwartz Drive

Auburn, NY



NYS Charities Reg. Number: 48-01-65

NYS Dept. Of State Reg. Number: 5812695

We Are A: Youth Organization, Young Artist, Non Profit.


Young Talented Stars Inc. Your after school youth non profit music program.


Here serving the family's of the communities helping the youth with their music talents and helping them grow their talents into a brighter future. Ages 5-18 years of age can attend this program. We teach Violin, Piano, And Vocal. We help them perform concerts, and help them have fun with music. We make this program as realistic as possible to anything you find backstage in a concert. All starts at signing up, and then after their in our program schedule looks like something like this:

1.) Homework Help

2.) Music Warm Up

3.) Snacks

4.) Music Writing and Coordination

5.) Music Thoughts Group

6.) Music Break

7.) Video Editing And Sound Editing

8.) Choir Music Practice

9.) Music Break

10.) Pack Up, get ready to go home with parents.

Want to know more, reach out to us!  We are always happy to help! 

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